Maker's Burger

Experience burger perfection with SliderMakers, where every bite of our mouthwatering sliders is a delectable blend of premium, handcrafted patties, fresh toppings, and secret signature sauces, creating an irresistible mini-burger feast that will leave you craving for more.

Cheese Burger

Indulge in cheeseburger bliss with our irresistible creation, where a juicy, perfectly cooked beef is smothered with melted cheese, layered with fresh toppings, and nestled in a soft bun, delivering a burst of classic flavors that will satisfy your burger cravings like never before.

Burkan Burger

Experience a taste eruption like never before with our Burkan Burger, where a fiery combination of perfectly cooked juicy beef, spicy jalapeños, and molten lava cheese sauce come together to create a scorching and explosive flavor adventure that will ignite your senses.

Mad Chicken Burger

Unleash your taste buds with the explosive flavors of our Mad Chicken Burger, featuring succulent breaded chicken, zesty buffalo sauce, and a crisp coleslaw medley of purple and green cabbage, all perfectly nestled in a soft, buttery brioche bun for a tantalizing bite that’s wildly delicious.